Just wanted to let you know my shoulder is great. After many months of pain and the inability to enjoy playing tennis and golf I was referred to your office by a co-worker. You evaluated my condition and prescribed a two part treatment plan. First, your adjustments helped to eliminate the pain. Then I was able to focus on functional rehab. I am pleased to tell you I am hitting the tennis ball full strength, unfortunately my golf score did not decrease.

Dave S.

Claims Representative

I would like to take a minute to formally thank you personally and Gallagher Bassett Services for authorizing my right as a patient in selecting my treatment. After over a year of traditional therapies and prescribed medication to numb hip pain I requested to try Chiropractic treatments to alleviate my hip discomfort. I appreciate Ms. Benes' efforts and was grateful that Gallagher Basset was inclined to authorize my treatment. Please enclose this letter in my file for future reference.

As a former patient of chiropractic medicine I am a firm believer in its healing benefits. Once again its success has blessed me as I am now pain free after several treatments over a short span of two months. Dr. Levitt and his staff were magnificent. There are no words to express my gratitude for their professionalism and the services they provide. I urge Gallagher Bassett Services to consider alternative treatments for other patients.

Sincerest Thanks.

Iliana R-S

I was involved in a serious car accident and injured my neck, back and even had symptoms of dizziness, headaches and tingling in my arms. I was transported to the hospital and after the exams, scans and x-rays, I was told to take pain medication. and muscle relaxants. Well it wasn't working. Every day, for two months, I felt drugged at work and home. I was not getting better. I was becoming depressed thinking I might not improve. I spoke with my family physician and he suggested I see Dr. Levitt. That's when my life turned around. Dr. Levitt diagnosed my unresolved problems and explained to me why I was having all of the pains. There was muscle and ligament injury aggravated by spinal misalignments that were compromising my nervous system. Dr. Levitt began to adjust my spine, provide therapy and within six weeks I improved by 75%. I am still on the road to recovery, but I can see "light at the end of the tunnel.

J. B.

I have a compressed disc and some spinal stenosis along with muscular problems. Dr. Levitt clearly diagnosed these conditions several years ago, he began treatment and therapies right away in the order of severity of my problems. He has during that time significantly reduced the pain I had endured for many years, and I endorse his professional approach being nothing short of total relief. Now and again when I experience twinges he takes the appropriate treatment approach and eases my condition. I am on a maintenance program with him and heartily endorse him.

Paula R.

For quite some time I experienced a pain in my leg. No one was able to help me or give me an explanation regarding the problem. After several treatment my pain was gone. Dr. Levitt is a thoughtful and professional person. He listens intently to me each time and asks questions that draw out specific problems. He spends as much time as needed-I never feel rushed or "squeezed in". I have felt so much better and understand my body and problems more than ever before.

Jeannie K


I came to the practice of Dr. Levitt & Co. with some severe immobilizing lower back pain. After calling in and explaining my situation they were able to see me right away, even though it was almost 6 pm at night.
Staff is extremely friendly and helpful and very understanding of the challenge I was facing. With little wait I was seen by the doctor and had X-rays taken and was explained the cause of my dilemma - likely a pinched nerve in my lower spine.
Following some initial pressure relief and decompressing, the next few days swiftly improved my pain level and mobility. Within a few weeks I was as good as before, probably better. I also appreciate the little suggestions about simple improvements to the daily routine to focus on the cause of the issue and its prevention for the future.
I much appreciate the proper cause of treatment without taking any unnecessary shortcuts, yet moving at a rate as fast as my body was able to adjust.
The accommodation of visiting hours and extremely friendly and professional staff made the overall experience easy and pleasant.
I can strongly recommend the offices of Dr. Levitt and appreciate the ongoing "maintenance" treatment plan to help me from finding myself in a "pinch" anytime soon. Sebastian E.


Dr Barry W Levitt. Although he is a chiropractor his hands have magic in them. I was in pain and I heard that chiropractor experience could be bad if you don't get a good Dr. But Dr Levitt is awesome. He gives you time understanding your problem, he gives you proper explanation of what you're suffering from and what he is going to do and how. He is so involved and friendly that it automatically bring down your pain level. If you're in the area and you require to consult a chiropractor Dr Levitt is one I would recommend to all of you....Subal M.


Dear Dr. Levitt, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the special care that you have given me. Recently, I began suffering from strong neck pain that was causing me not only discomfort and pain but was limiting my range of motion in my neck and shoulders. I was able to quickly schedule an appointment and get in to see you without delay.

With your treatment plan and within a matter of a couple of visits, I was feeling much better. I have not had a recurrence of this pain and immediately had a return of full range of motion. I cannot fully express how grateful and pleased I have been. Both you and your staff are eminently professional, quick to respond to questions, friendly, and efficiently effective.

Warm Regards,

Edgar H


Dear Prospective Patient,

Like many people, I was always curious about what Chiropractors do and if they really can help. Stories from people who claimed to be helped were encouraging. I arrived at my first visit not knowing what to expect but with a positive attitude that I would be helped. I have to say that I was not experiencing bad or constant pain. I had what I guess were pretty mild symptoms, but annoying and unpleasant and they were not going away on their own. I had been having discomfort for weeks and enough so that when I went to see my family physician, who after his examination recommended I see Dr. Barry Levitt.

The initial exam and the following sessions were not what I expected but were both painless and actually felt good. Even after the first visit I felt better when I walked out and it was the start of therapy and some simple exercises that although it took longer than I thought it would eventually provided complete relief from all pain and tingling I had been experiencing.

So don't be disappointed if it takes a while, the results will be worth your time.


Max P.

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